The Eko Vox Tornado’s “Italian invasion”

Eko Vox Tornado chitarra italiana

With the 1964-1967 British Invasion, rock, pop and beat music bands from the United Kingdom rose to the top of the charts all around the world – including the homeland of rock, the United States, to the detriment of American artists. For those three years, everyone listened to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and even bands like The Animals and The Kinks achieved considerable international fame.

In the same triennium, a different part of the British music industry reached the Italian shores as well: the English musical equipment manufacturer Vox – famous for its instruments and amplifiers – came to Recanati, Leopardi’s hometown in the province of Macerata, to ask the leading guitar company in Italy, Eko, to make its instruments.

‘Italia capta victorem cepit’, to paraphrase Horace: “Italy conquered her conqueror”  (the original mentioned a “rude”, ‘ferum’, conqueror – meant to describe the Romans as opposed to the refined Greeks – but here the adjective would certainly be unsuitable, considering the high-tech and incredibly successful products Vox put on the market).

One of the many instruments Eko made for Vox (and for other international brands) was the Vox Tornado featured in these photographs: an outstanding semi-acoustic electric guitar, that was exported all around the world.

It was a musical “Italian Invasion”: an English sound with a really great Italian echo.

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June 24, 2014