The Dalù lamp and Magistretti’s inner light

Magistretti lampada Dalù

The fact that Vico Magistretti (1920-2006) was inspired by simplicity is clear from works such as the Dalù lamp, which the Milanese designer created for Artemide in 1969.

In an interview from a few years ago, Magistretti explained, “it’s very difficult to make simple things. They are the result of extreme complexity. Just think of a ballerina on stage: she has to make every movement appear effortless, when in reality…”

The Dalù is one of the objects that best represents the “sober” style of this great artist, who conceived design as “the only way to get in contact with your fellow man” – and thus put beauty and daily use on the same plane.

His astonishing ability to keep together the “complicated-simple” pair stemmed from an unpredictable move: “Finding your own language, your own way of expressing yourself is a grace received… Mastering a certain style comes from experience, mistakes, and God’s blessings”.

That always was Magistretti’s inner light.

May 26, 2014