The Corner Townhouse in Rome

The Corner, Roma

“The Corner Townhouse” is a boutique hotel in Rome. While this standard definition used in its website is certainly appropriate, we feel the need to describe the venue in less concise terms.

This is a place where you can enjoy a great aperitif – relaxing in the lounge garden set up on the Art Nouveau terrace – or grab a bite at the bistro, which has been rebranded here “Bistreet”.

There are also a restaurant – curated by chef Fabio Baldassarre, born in L’Aquila and honored with one Michelin star – and a club decorated with vintage items, and filled with non-obvious music selected by skilled DJs.

Finally, of course, there is the hotel, with eleven rooms scattered between the building’s three floors.

And while we are aware this brief description cannot truly convey the unique vibe of The Corner Townhouse, we hope to have succeeded in sparking some well-deserved interest.

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January 2, 2015

The Corner Townhouse in Rome

Viale Aventino, 121
+39 06 45597370