The Coffee Machine Museum

The Coffee Machine Museum – or Mumac, which stands for “Museo della Macchina per Caffè” – opened in 2012 in Binasco (Milan), on the centennial of the foundation of Cimbali.

The historic company’s anniversary picked up where another had just left off, as the one-hundred-and-fifty years of Italy’s Unification were celebrated throughout 2011.

A coincidence that serendipitously points to the great love for coffee that many of the protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento shared. Giuseppe Verdi considered coffee “a balm to the heart and spirit”; Giuseppe Garibaldi, while in Brazil, met his future wife Anita at a friend’s house where he had been invited for coffee.

In Binasco, behind the metal slats of the sinuous façade designed by Paolo Balzanelli and Valerio Cometti, is the company’s original headquarters, renovated and improved over time. Inside, the Maltoni Collection – one of the greatest coffee machine collections in the world – tells a beautiful story of Italian creativity.

The exhibition ranges from a 1901 columnar device to the invention of the lever after the Second World War, from designer models from the 1960s-1980s to today’s globalized products, and offers visitors a welcome synesthetic experience.

Just like a great cup of coffee.

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December 10, 2013

The Coffee Machine Museum

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