The Chianti Sculpture Park

In the Chianti Sculpture Park – in Pievasciata, in the province of Siena – there are houses in the woods, falling leaves, machines that trap time, islands and blue bridges…

Since 2004, the installations by artists from over twenty countries around the world have filled with fantasy this seven-hectare forest of ilex and oak trees, which the Giadrossis – husband and wife, both great lovers of contemporary art – have turned into a fine example of how a contemporary art exhibition can be integrated in nature.

“The Cabin in the Woods” by Kei Nakamura, “The Falling Leaf” by Yasmina Heidar, “La Construcción para atrapar el tiempo” by Pilar Aldana Mendez, “Island” by Kim Hae Won, and “The blue bridge” by Ursula Reuter Christiansen are only some of the 26 works of art – created in bronze, iron, granite, marble, glass and many other materials – that are scattered along an open-air exhibition path that runs for about half a mile.

During the summer, a sculpture-amphitheater in the park is home to concerts of classical music, jazz, tango and many other genres. And in “The Forge” gallery  – created in an old factory of terracotta artifacts – painters and sculptors from the five continents showcase their works.

So art is everywhere in Tuscany, even in the forest.

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September 2, 2014

The Chianti Sculpture Park

Pievasciata (Si)
loc. La Fornace, 48/49

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