The Castle of Agazzano and the ghost of Count Buso


A ghost is said to roam the rooms and gardens of the Castle of Agazzano, in the province of Piacenza: the spirit of Pier Maria Scotti, a noble adventurer who lived between the 15th and 16th centuries, and who – according to some 18th-century chronicles, was “feared much more than Caesars’ entire army in Piacenza”, where he “provoked the scourge of civil discord”.

Pier Maria Scotti, also known as Conte Buso for his sword skills (“buso” meaning “hole”, for the “signature” he left on his victims’ body), was a sanguinary man. He was count of Vigoleno and Carpaneto, siding with the Guelfs, but eagerly turned to the Ghibellines when it served his own interests – such as when he was paid by famous condottiero Prospero Colonna to besiege Piacenza, which he entered “suddenly with a thousand bandits, whom he had yelling ‘Long live the Duke!’ as their Springalds roared.”

He died at forty, in August 1521, while attaching the Castle of Agazzano; Milan émigré Astorre Visconti killed him and threw him down into the moat, but his body was never found.

Thus began the legend of his supernatural presence inside the Castle of Agazzano, a fortress divided into two buildings: the Renaissance castle built in 1475, and the late-1700s palace.

This is Count Buso’s home, now and forever.

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March 13, 2019

The Castle of Agazzano and the ghost of Count Buso

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