The Castelporziano estate: Lazio, the way it used to be

Tenuta presidenziale di Castelporziano - The presidential estate in Castelporziano

The presidential Castelporziano estate, approximately 25 kilometers from Rome, is home to deer and Maremma wild boar, foxes and badgers, martens and porcupines, hares and wild rabbits, skunks and hedgehogs.

Its oaks, pines, poplars, ashes and maple trees – a strong trace of the luxuriant forests that enveloped all of Lazio’s coast in Antiquity – are inhabited by owls and tawny owls, doves and kites, barn owls and buzzards, woodcocks and jays.

It is an incredibly rich environment, full of plant and animal species, with forest areas and Mediterranean scrub, sandy dunes, natural lakes, swamps and three kilometers of pristine beach. To defend such beauty – both from contamination and from fires – the Castelporziano presidential estate has recently been put under the protection of the Ministry of Environment.

But the estate – one of three belonging to the Italian Head of State, the other two being the Quirinal and the neoclassical Villa Rosebery in Naples – also includes ruins of Pliny the Younger’s villa. Inside, according to the great Roman author, are the remains of the city of Laurentum, which Virgil claimed welcomed Aeneas and his men when they returned from the Trojan war.

It’s a place alive with traces of the long-gone past.

To arrange a visit, please fax your request to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic –Castelporziano Estate, on number: +39 06 51098158

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July 14, 2016

The Castelporziano estate: Lazio, the way it used to be

Castelporziano (Rome)