The Blue Room: exoteric beauty in Palermo

Palermo, La “Stanza dei decori arabi” o “Stanza Blu” di via Porta di Castro, 239 -

The “Arab Decor Room” – also known as “Blue Room” or “Blue Mosque” – is part of an apartment inside a 1700s building at the heart of Palermo, in Via Porta di Castro.

Forgotten for a couple of centuries, the mysterious room was rediscovered a few years ago when the home’s new owners started renovating.

Finding those blue walls, decorated with silver writings in Arabic, immediately sparked enthusiasm and various theories. One of the most popular ones was that the room was a testimony to the deep roots of Islamic traditions on the island, dating back to the 9th-13th centuries, which had reached and influenced recent culture underground.

Indeed, the room is somehow connected to Islamic culture – albeit reused by freemasons in full exoteric swing. Some experts claim the room was the secret study of a 19th-century occultist, who conducted magical and initiation rituals here, based on the syncretism between Sufi philosophy and masonic liturgies, in a fusion that western freemasons already knew well.

Today, the mystery of this room continues – and its exoteric beauty is bound to last forever

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November 10, 2015

The Blue Room: exoteric beauty in Palermo

Via Porta di Castro, 239