The Bishops’ Villa, antiquity’s beauty and health

The Villa dei Vescovi (Bishops’ Villa) in Luvigliano was built between 1535 and 1542 to be a luxurious summerhouse for the bishop of Padua – a place where he could regenerate his body and soul.

It was built by the Venetian writer and patron of the arts Alvise Luigi Cornaro, who believed that living in well-designed, comfortable and solid homes had allowed him to live in good health for decades.

Indeed, at 83 years of age, Cornaro wrote in his “The Sure and Certain Method of Attaining a Long and Healthful Life”: “I am so agile that I can still ride and climb steep stairs and hills without any strain. I am in a good mood and not tired of life… I sleep well and my dreams are pleasant and relaxing”. We have no reason to doubt his claims, since at 70 he had quickly healed after an accident in his carriage had left him with a broken arm and leg!

Cornaro entrusted his friend Giovanni Maria Falconetto with the design of the villa, whose references to ancient Roman architecture predate Palladio’s style. The Villa is also home to a noteworthy cycle of frescoes by the Dutch painter Lambert Sustris, which according to Cornaro’s taste was inspired by the classical age, and features landscapes and many mythological figures.

What a perfect place to focus on health and beauty.

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January 21, 2014

The Bishops’ Villa, antiquity’s beauty and health

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