The Barcolana: October of sails, sea, and sky in Trieste

La Barcolana di Trieste

This year, the sails of the Barcolana are coming back to the Gulf of Trieste on October 2nd, with a series of interesting collateral events prolonging the magnificent international regatta until the 11th.

The historical race has been held in Trieste since 1969, and continues to be one of the most popular in the world: some 25,000 sailors on almost 2,000 boats will compete over 15 miles at sea, under the eyes of an audience estimated at 250,000 people.

Writer-climber Mauro Corona has described the sports even in his book “Nel legno e nella pietra” (Mondadori, Milan 2010): “In Trieste, the sea merged into the blue sky. They were so similar you couldn’t separate the two, you couldn’t figure out where one ended and the other started. Waiting to get on board, I walked along the dock. My eyes admired an infinite forest that went on for miles, with bare trees – the masts of anchored boats, ready to grow multicolor sails, like leaves, and go.”

“Then, with great excitement,” Corona continues, “I saw the two thousand sailboats take off at the same time. What a show! It was beyond words. I sit up straight from my seat on the deck, to better enjoy the thousands of colorful knives cutting through the blue, propelled by the wind…”

Sails, sea, and sky for Trieste to celebrate its beauty.

Photos via: ©Moreno Faina, ©Sara

October 2, 2015

The Barcolana: October of sails, sea, and sky in Trieste

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