The 1950s on wheels, with the Maserati 125 GT Super

The 125 GT Super motorcycle was made by Fabbrica Candele Accumulatori Maserati, a car component manufacturer founded in 1947 that had remained an integral part of Maserati until 1953.

That year, the company separated from Adolfo Orsi’s famous corporation. It stayed in business, under the leadership of Orsi’s sister Ida, until 1960, when it collapsed under the pressure of competition.

In the seven years between 1953 and 1960, Fabbrica Candele Accumulatori Maserati took over the Bologna-based Italmoto and specialized in making motorcycles that were successfully marketed in Europe, Africa and America.

It achieved great commercial success with models such as the 125 GT Super, which gained great popularity.

Sophisticated and powerful, the 125 GT Super was a classic 1950s’ bike, the expression of a moment in Italian history that we can’t help but imagining in black and white.

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March 26, 2014