Tenuta Castelbuono and its Carapace

An alien profile rises up at Tenuta Castelbuono (in Bevagna, Umbria), where the Lunelli family produces Montefalco Sagrantino: it is Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Carapace, a sculpture and cellar inaugurated in June of 2012.
A copper tortoise emerging from the land, from some monstrous hypogeum. A huge grape that has fallen from the intoxicated hands of a giant Bacchus, forgotten for millennia amid the grapevines.
By its side the “dart” – a red, narrow, 18-meter-tall inverted pyramid – is like a dagger dug into the heart of the earth.

This impressive sight sparks the imagination of anyone visiting the 30-hectare estate, or entering the sculpture.
The impressive 10-meter-tall copper shell – from under which the gorgeous view of the surrounding land is completely unobstructed – houses a reception desk for clients and suppliers, a circular kitchen for wine tastings, the barrel wine cellar, and a helical staircase leading to the area dedicated to wine fining.

Pomodoro, a native of Romagna, created this sculpture to symbolize the union between the sky and the earth, and the connection between man and land.
Walking towards it, the imagination takes off as if it were freed by an inebriating wine.

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December 10, 2013

Tenuta Castelbuono and its Carapace

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