Tellaro and Mario Soldati’s surprise

Tellaro, comune di Lerici (La Spezia)

Turin-born writer Mario Soldati (1906-1999) was absolutely in love with Tellaro, a seaside village on the eastern end of Lerici (La Spezia).

He sometimes went out on a rowboat to look at it immersed in its landscape, to let “the splendor of the calm, crystal clear sea” surprise him, “in its green and blue depths”; from “the dark and shiny rocks of the pleasant promontories, between which small sand or fine gravel inlets appeared”; “from the lush forests that climbed uninterrupted up the steep hills, and gradually closed off the view without ever revealing the sky or even the smallest house.”

In the late 1960s, Soldati bought a small villa deep in the green of a promontory in Tellaro, where he lived for many years, until his death. Passing by his house, one could hear the music of a piano, brought by the wind.

How could one not share his love for this place?

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October 26, 2016

Tellaro and Mario Soldati’s surprise

Tellaro, Lerici
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