Targa Florio, history and memory

Targa Florio poster Duilio Cambellotti, 1907

Duilio Cambellotti, 1907

“And then you feel, / even if they keep telling to you you can / stop midway or at sea, / that there is no stopping for us, / just road, and more road, / and that the journey is one you always have to start over”.

Eugenio Montale’s verses seem to echo like an unfulfilled prophecy, in the stretch of winding road meandering among the Madonie where the Targa Florio – one of the oldest and most famous car races in Italy – was held 61 times, between 1906 and 1977.

Unfortunately the gloriously challenging itinerary, snaking through the massif in northern Sicily, came to an end in 1977, partly because of the many accidents that marked the history of the competition.

But the memories of this wonderful, epic adventure in the world of automobiles are forever. And will always be portrayed at their best in these beautiful posters by great Italian and foreign artists.

July 14, 2014

Targa Florio, history and memory