Tables by Mangiarotti: matter and limitations

The great Milanese architect and designer Angelo Mangiarotti (1921-2012) once said, “material is to design as the brain is to thinking”. He believed, indeed, that design should not aim for formal perfection or pursue an aesthetic objective to create a recognizable signature style (“I think the best works are those left unsigned”, he said in an interview); he thought design should be a means to let out the voice of materials – or “matter”, he would have said – with their own specific language.

He was convinced that designers and architects should strive to respond in a solid, concrete way to the needs of the people who are to use the object or live in the houses they designed. According to him, they needed to avoid doing “useless and harmful” things, and to respect “the real needs of users, who luckily have limitations…”

Hence, in his creative mindset, “a correct design project is almost as important as the quality of the final product”.

Among the objects Mangiarotti brilliantly designed, there is a range of marble tables, such as the famous “Eros” and “Eccentrico”.

Here is a selection of these incredible pieces of furniture, born out of Mangiarotti’s love for matter and limitations.

June 19, 2014