Super clients for the Ferrari 400 Superamerica

Ferrari 400 Superamerica cabriolet

After the 1962 “aerodynamic coupé” version we are happy to showcase the Ferrari 400 Superamerica in its cabriolet incarnation.

Journalist Richard Gunn once explained that the Superamerica “could be ordered from a range of coachbuilders, but the large majority of clients chose Pininfarina” (translated from R. Gunn, “Supercars. Le auto più straordinarie di tutti i tempi”, Gremese, Rome 2007).

One of such famous clients was Gianni Agnelli, who owned the very first model of this fantastic car. As Richard Gunn goes on, “with its four wheel power assist disk brakes, overdrive, and Koni shock absorbers, its was much easier to drive than other Ferraris […] The interiors perhaps were not the epitome of luxury, but were well designed and fully equipped, despite the high price.”

Forty-four out of the forty-six models made between 1960 and 1964 were designed by Pininfarina. All of them, of course, destined to very important – one might say “super” – clients.

Photos via: ©Ron Kimball

September 17, 2015