“Stile Industria”, creativity and productivity

“Stile Industria” was founded in 1954 by architect and designer Alberto Rosselli (1921-1976). In the same year, the Compasso d’Oro award was created to give recognition to the quality of Italian design, and the 10th Milan Triennale held an exhibition on industrial design. It was the beginning of a period of economic growth in Italy, in which the need for close cooperation between creativity and industrial production was more pressing than ever.

Rosselli’s magazine became an essential cultural and informative tool for both designers and businessmen. On its pages, the concept of “industrial design” – around which revolved those of functionality, materials, ergonomics, marketing, and brand – was the object of continual and constructive debate.

1954 was also the year in which the Fender Stratocaster was launched, and the first color televisions set were sold to the public in the United States.

It was the year of “industry style” all around the world.

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December 17, 2013