Soralamà: brewing up a variety of flavors

Birrificio artigianale Soralama', Vaie (To)

Soralamà has given its craft beers fun names that seem to have jumped off the pages of a comic book: “gulp!”, wow!”, “splash!”, “slurp!”.
They all end with a sure-fire exclamation point, because this brewery in Vaie – watched over by the amazing Sacra di San Michele, in the Susa Valley – promises to surprise you with its peculiar and wholesome products.

Soralamà’s story began in 1999, with the fortuitous encounter between Davide Zingarelli – an engineer, and now the owner of the company – and a few beer makers from Valchiavenna. Over the years, what was simply an idea and a passion has developed into a solid, reliable business: a craft brewery specializing in raw, unpasteurized beer made with mountain water and other prime-quality, local ingredients: apples, grains, spices, chestnuts…

We asked Davide Zingarelli and his master brewer, Lorenzo Turco, to tell us more.

What makes your products so special?
Year after year, we built up a range of very different craft beers. We didn’t necessarily want to draw inspiration from existing styles: we just followed our personal preferences and noted our clients’ reactions. Our products aim to strike the right balance between complexity and drinkability.

Is there one beer – within this variety – that best represents you?
Yes, “slurp!”. It is a pale lager based on German styles, with a strong element of aromatic hops.

What are your main goals?
First and foremost, we want to connect to our territory by using local ingredients: Vaie’s delicious, fresh water; chestnuts from Villar Focchiardo for our chestnut beer, “hurrà!”; apples from the nearby orchards for “gulp!”. We have focused a lot on keg beer lately, recording a great market response.

Do you think you have a difficult job?
Yes, brewers’ job is quite complex: you have to deal with a product that is alive, made with living ingredients. That means there is a range of variables to manage, and to keep under control in order to make an excellent product through a reliable and steady production process.

How has the Italian market reacted to your brand?
Consumer awareness has increased in Italy, especially in the last few years. With people becoming more knowledgeable and demanding, brewers have had to improve more and more – which has done wonders for the whole craft beer sector.

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October 24, 2014

Soralamà: brewing up a variety of flavors

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