Solomeo, work and beauty


Solomeo is a lovely, small medieval town in the province of Perugia and the home of Brunello Cucinelli Spa, one of the most important cashmere manufacturers in the world.

Beloved by the Umbrian entrepreneur who founded the company, who considers it the homeland of his existential roots, Solomeo used to be a hard-working agricultural hub along the ancient road connecting Perugia to Lake Trasimeno. Now, thanks to Cucinelli’s intuition, it has become a new productive center, where clothing collections coveted by the whole world are born.

When he opened his workshop in the town’s Castle in the mid-1980s, Cucinelli commented during an interview, “Why plant yet another anonymous building in an industrial area, instead of investing in this dilapidated castle to transform it into a modern company-village? It would make Solomeo’s existing architectures useful again, and allow for a more livable work environment compared to alienating factories.”

Cucinelli has since moved his factory to the valley, but has continued to come up with visionary ideas – such as founding the Scuola di Arti e Mestieri (Arts and Crafts School) in 2013, and the Foro delle Arti (Arts Forum), designed in 2001 and located next to the Cucinelli Theater, a new building inspired by Renaissance architecture, for prose, music and dance shows.

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October 3, 2018

Solomeo, work and beauty

Solomeo (Corciano, Perugia)
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