Siena’s divine beauty, in 3D on the façade of the new Cathedral

Siena, La Divina Bellezza-Discovering Siena

The history of Siena and its Cathedral is on display until September 30 right on the façade of the “new Cathedral”, the uncompleted 14th-century cathedral known as “Facciatone”. The front of the building turns into a splendid, 800-square-meter screen every day after sunset, coming to life with a wonderful 3D videomapping projection.

The history of the beautiful Tuscan city is told by millions of pixels in full color, thanks to the “La Divina Bellezza – Discovering Siena” project promoted by Siena’s Comune and Opera della Metropolitana di Siena, in collaboration with Filmmaster Events and Opera Gruppo Civita which belong to IEN (Italian Entertainment Network).

Under artistic director Alfredo Accatino – the man behind both Turin’s Olympic Games official ceremonies in 2006, and the opening of Expo Milano 2015 – the show takes you on an extraordinary journey, divided into five parts spanning from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, highlighting world-famous sights like Piazza del Campo and Piazza del Duomo.

Discover a new way to discover this beautiful, historical city.

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August 12, 2015

Siena’s divine beauty, in 3D on the façade of the new Cathedral

Piazza del Duomo
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