Siena’s Cathedral opens the Gate to Heaven

Duomo di Siena, Porta del Cielo - Siena Cathedral, Gate to Heaven

The Siena Cathedral’s Gate to Heaven opened on March 9 and will remain open until October 31, 2015. Thanks to a project by Opera della Metropolitana di Siena, visitors can now enjoy a unique view of the magnificent Romanesque-Gothic church built between the 13th and 14th centuries, from a place as high up as the stars.

The Tuscan city’s crown jewel is home to works by Giovanni Pisano, Antonio Federighi, Donatello, Pinturicchio, Michelangelo, Domenico Beccafumi, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, to mention but a few. Now anyone can walk around at attic level, like workers and architects had been allowed to exclusively.

Furthermore, for all of July and then between August 18th and October 27, the beautiful floor that is usually covered up (for reasons of conservation) will be on display.

At last, from up above, “the truth was seen as a star is in the sky” (Dante Alighieri, Paradise XXVIII, 87).

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March 20, 2015

Siena’s Cathedral opens the Gate to Heaven

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