Sicilian carts in Mario Cuccia’s photographs

Mario Cuccia, l'architettura del carretto siciliano, Monreale, Palermo

For years, photographer and documentary filmmaker Mario Cuccia has been researching Sicilian carts, as small and colorful icons of the island’s artisan creativity.

With scrupulous care and passion, he has studied the features and peculiarities of these magnificent means of transportation, completely painted and sculpted in relief: as great painter Renato Guttuso once wrote, “Every single centimeter of their structure is embellished by carving and painting. And the overall decorative effect is remarkably vibrant: on a holiday, a new handcart with its plumed ‘animal’, all shiny and ringing with sleigh bells, is a great show of color and imagination”.

A few years ago, Cuccia also edited a book of beautiful photographs of these folk icons of Sicily and of the most talented craftsmen who still make them today (L’architettura del carretto siciliano, Plumelia, Bagheria (Pa) 2012).

Now, he is one of the curators of an interesting exhibition at Monreale’s “Giuseppe Sciortino” Civic Art Gallery, from May 25th to June 10th, 2016 (in the province of Palermo).

A wonderful chance to see These painted carts passing through the streets, so queer and all unlike each other, […] attractive to the eye, as they stroll about, looking like puzzles we try to solve (Guy de Maupassant).

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May 24, 2016

Sicilian carts in Mario Cuccia’s photographs

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