Sergio Tofano and storytellers’ stories

Sergio Tofano Storie di cantastorie

"Alcune fra le più note vicende di Guerino il Meschino"

We have already written about the great Sergio Tofano (Rome, 1886-1973), also known as Sto, in showcasing images from his masterpiece, Signor Bonaventura.

We mentioned that he was an illustrator as well as a playwright, costume and set designer, director, actor, poet, and theater company leader – but we should add now that he was also a writer: he penned, and of course also illustrated himself, a number of novellas.

The images we present here are from “Storie di cantastorie” (literally, “storytellers’ stories”), a series of beautiful short stories Sto wrote in octosyllabic quatrains.

Photos via: illustrations from: Sto, “Qui comincia l’avventura del Signor Bonaventura”, Rizzoli, Milan 1974

September 25, 2014