Sergio Milani, a child’s maturity

Sergio Milani is a serious and responsible adult who makes toys for a living. Why not? For a man, in Friedrich Nietzsche’s definition, to be mature means “to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play”.

Milani has been creating wonderful, unique toys for over a decade. He explains, “Handmade toys, unlike those manufactured in series, reflect the personality and experience of the artist who created them; they are unique because they are born out of the skills and technical or manual capabilities of the craftsman, and are enriched by the emotional instant of an idea that can never return twice with the same form and intensity. Thus, they immediately become a precious addition to a home’s decor, or a unique collector’s item”.

The best part is that Milani’s Cavallini “Dream” – penny banks that Milani decorates with fantastic visions and the most varied shapes – are ready for play as well. His wooden toys are not destined to be put on display and out of reach on a shelf: while they certainly rise to the rank of art objects, they are still educational and fun in children’s hands.

They are beautiful, to the eyes of kids and adults. Perhaps because, to quote Nietzsche again, “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play”.

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December 16, 2013