Senigallia’s Foro Annonario: chef’s choice

Foro Annonario di Senigallia

The Foro Annonario was built in 1834 at the heart of Senigallia, Marche. A 19th-century chorographical text described it as “An elegant semicircular building, with intercolumnium. It encircles a large square, dedicated exclusively to the sale of food that is pleasant to see and enjoyed by the people…” (translated from “Dizionario corografico dell’Italia”, Vallardi, Milan 1869).

Of course, things have changed radically in terms of food hygiene standards as well as aesthetics, but to this day “people” and tourists like to stroll under the Neo-classical portico designed by architect Pietro Ghinelli.

Even Moreno Cedroni, a famous chef from Ancona, mentions this stunning location in one of his books: “Walking around Senigallia’s Foro Annonario is an adventure. The fruit and vegetables there are not like the ones you can purchase at the supermarket. You can see it and you can smell it: cauliflower and eggplants, tomatoes and zucchini… everything here looks and smells more alive and intense.”

“Plus,” the Michelin two-starred chef continues, “you can get wild fruit and herbs that will never find their way to the shelves of a store. The market is a fantastic practical demonstration of what you should buy in every different period of the year. Sellers are usually farmers with small lots of land, who will never have Peruvian asparagus in December or peaches in January” (translated from M. Cedroni, “Maionese di fragole”, Mondadori, Milan 2011).

This chef’s choice is as beautiful as it is delicious: five stars.

Photos via ©Pino D’Amico, ©Keith Laverack, ©carlo cavalletti

September 28, 2015

Senigallia’s Foro Annonario: chef’s choice

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