The scents of Luciano Molinari’s art forest

“Trees! / Were you once arrows / fallen from the blue? / What terrible warriors / cast you down? The stars?/ Your music springs from the soul of birds, / from the eyes of God”. These verses by Federico García Lorca are probably dear to anyone in the same line of business as Luciano Molinari, a woodworker in Milan.

Molinari is passionate about the scent of wood. There is a different aroma to every tree, each one recalling memories from distant places and times, or suggesting new, vivid mental images.

Since 1996, Molinari has been collecting different types of wood from around the planet. He now has about three hundred small jars of sawdust, ranging from European spruce to Central-American ziricote. Each one gives forth a special fragrance and keeps it unchanged.

Perhaps these vegetable aromas are the spark that lights Molinari’s imagination and creativity, as he works in his shop – like the guardian of an art forest.

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February 26, 2014

The scents of Luciano Molinari’s art forest

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