San Sperate, a village/museum of murals and musical stones

San Sperate, Cagliari, murales

San Sperate is an old village in the province of Cagliari, Sardinia. It is also a museum, an open-air art gallery stemming from the insight and vision of etcher, sculptor, and painter – and former farmer – Pinuccio Sciola. One day, after a few years spent in Europe to pursue his artistic career, Sciola came back home. That is when he had the idea to bring new value to his hometown.

Romeo Scaccia, in his “Il cantico delle pietre” (Cuec, Cagliari 2005), outlines the Sardinian sculptor’s biography and says, It was 1968. At last the farmer returns to San Sperate, but now there is a gap between him and his old work companions. A gap that needs to be filled: ‘I though of murals, as a form of instant artistic engagement. We painted Via Concordia white and started to draw on houses’ walls.’ It was the beginning of an incredible period for the small village and for all of Sardinia – with years of great excitement, discussions, heated debates, and cultural growth for all the people involved in that experience”.

Since the 1960s, San Sperate has constantly added to its collection of murals, which tell the story of farmers’ life in several different styles. Sciola continued to contribute by scattering “musical stone” along his hometown’s streets: large, standing basalt monoliths that he has carved so they can be played, using hands or objects.

Music and paintings: you don’t need too many words to enjoy their beauty.

June 8, 2015

San Sperate, a village/museum of murals and musical stones

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