Sadali between forests, creeks, grottoes and love


Sadali is an old medieval village located on a calcareous plateau at approximately 700 meters of altitude, embraced by forests of downy oaks, cork oaks and holm oaks.

However, the nature that crosses Sadali – and surrounds its roughly one thousand residents – is mostly made up of rocks and water: grottoes and springs, waterfalls and lakes, underground cavities where you might discover stalactites and stalagmites, often joined into magnificent columns.

The most famous of these natural crypts is “Sa ’Omu ’e is Janas”, meaning “House of the fairies”, named after a local legend.

In Sadali – part of Barbagia di Seùlo, a historical sub-region in the Sud Sardegna province – there is also a waterfall of Saint Valentine, named after lovers’ patron saint.

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May 14, 2018

Sadali between forests, creeks, grottoes and love