Rubbio’s Caves: art in nature’s wounds

Cave di Rubbio, Bassano del Grappa

Caves and art are closely related: huge rocky structures have been hollowed to fill cities and museums with beauty.

Unfortunately, generous gemstone mines have often fallen victim to human negligence and near-sightedness, and gorgeous places have been violated for less-than-honorable goals.

That is what happened to the Caves in Rubbio, located southeast of the Sette Comuni plateau: the white calcareous stone they are made of was ransacked for years, reducing the landscape to a battlefield.

Toni Zarpellon, an artist born in Bassano del Grappa, is aware that nobody will ever be able to give back to these places what was taken from them – but still wanted to try bringing life back to what was destined to otherwise turn into a wasteland.

Zarpellon used art to heal the wounds inflicted to nature. And while he could not turn back time, he proved there is always a way to create beauty.

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September 23, 2014

Rubbio’s Caves: art in nature’s wounds

Rubbio Caves, Bassano del Grappa (Vi)
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