Rome’s Botanical Garden and queen Christina’s gold

Orto Botanico di Roma - Rome Botanical Garden

Some 3,000 plant species over 12 hectares: Rome’s Botanical Garden is located in Villa Corsini, where in the 17th century “a queen without a realm”, Christina of Sweden, attempted to turn metals into gold with the help of a group of alchemists. It is a wonderful garden at the foot of the Janiculum, in a quiet corner of the city.

Continuing in the tradition of pope Nicholas III’s 13th-century “Pomerius” in the Vatican, Rome’s Botanical Garden moved a number of times between the 17th and 19th centuries, finding this exceptional “home” only in 1883, the year its ownership passed to the Italian State.

Boulevards, palm trees, various types of greenhouses, gardens, and fountains make it a refuge not only for aspiring botanists but for anyone wishing to take a sensorial journey in an impressive variety of scents, lights and colors.

It is an amazing vegetable “mine”, as valuable as any gold Christina could ever dream of and easier and more pleasant to experience than all the intricate experiments she conducted.

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March 24, 2017

Rome’s Botanical Garden and queen Christina’s gold

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