Romeo Viganotti’s chocolate factory: sweet temptations from Genoa

Genova, Fabbrica di Cioccolato Romeo Viganotti

Fabbrica di Cioccolato Romeo Viganotti was founded in 1866 right at the heart of Genoa, in vico Castagna.

Author Barbara Fiorio has described the city center of Liguria’s capital city in her novel, “Buona fortuna” (Mondadori, Milan 2013): “I get downtown, park in front of the Columbus Church, and go under Porta Soprana to sneak into the alleys, in search of a ready-to-wear New Year’s Eve […] I go from the neighborhood that used to be so active with brothels, transformed into public places and apartments by Merlin [who abolished houses of prostitution in 1958 – editor’s note] […]. I go for Viganotti, one of the oldest chocolate makers in town.”

“Going on a diet in Genoa,” she continues, “is beyond willpower and ventures into the realm of supernatural powers, especially if you know your way around the ‘caruggi’ [the narrow porticos and alleys that can be seen in many cities and town on the Riviera – editor’s note]. The amount of relatively poor and simple food that is on offer throughout the city center is as powerful as the siren song for Ulysses.”

But the novel’s protagonist, unlike Ulysses with the sirens, gives in to chocolate pralines with cherries inside, called ‘boeri’, which are “a feather in the cap of the artists in vico Castagna.”

Visit Genoa and try this sweet temptation for yourself.

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September 22, 2015

Romeo Viganotti’s chocolate factory: sweet temptations from Genoa

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