RespirArt: breath is sculpture

Sculptor Giuseppe Penone once wrote, “Breath is sculpture”. This expression beautifully sums up the philosophy behind RespirArt, an art park in the Fiemme Valley and cultural association that strives to reunite “man and nature in a creative gesture”.

The park stems from an idea by journalist Beatrice Calamari and artist Marco Nones, and revolves around a 3-kilometer circular itinerary in Pampeago, near Trentino’s Dolomites. Here, installations by famous artists from all around the world seem to dialogue with the tops of the beautiful Latemar.

Handed over to nature without any attempt at preserving them, these works become part of the slow and relentless transformations in life: thus, any wonder they may spark at first soon turns into a sense of peace.

Penone elaborates: “When a gust of wind sweeps the dry side of a woody mountain, between the mixed essences of beeches, maples, brooms or in downy oak forests and boxwood scrubs, space is trapped within lines of force and knowledge, which cut it like a cane punctures the water and like water flows around the cane (like water envelops the cane). Even then, space remains impossible to access, and can be understood only through slow, methodic knowledge of certain first-hand experiences.”

The RespirArt Park is certainly part of that “slow, methodic knowledge”.

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May 25, 2017

RespirArt: breath is sculpture

Pampeago (Tesero)