Reserva: a taste of South America in Rome

Reserva is the new South American restaurant and cocktail bar in Rome, on Via del Pellegrino.

The project is the brainchild of Alessandro Lisi, maître de salle Giorgio Zancolla and chef Paulo Aires, who recreates dishes from authentic South American cuisine, with a twist that makes them even more interesting for Italian patrons.

Clients are introduced to Latin atmosphere by a glossary section right in the beginning of the menu, explaining must-know basics such as pico de gallo, hot and spicy Mexican sauce, and Argentina’s typical grilled-meat specialty, asado. They are then invited to taste delicious options such as Hotategai, scallops with squid ink and mint and habanero sauce; Arroz Atlantico, where rice and seafood are creamed with Aji Panca; and sweet delights like guava-infused tiramisu with cocoa and tropical fruit.

Everything at Reserva is reminiscent of South America’s verdant environment, from wine labels to cocktails and of course the interior decor. The venue is a mix of hardwood floors, velvet, lamp shades and tropical plants, in a color palette that ranges from green to ochre, making for a cozy, intimate and warm atmosphere.

Via del Pellegrino, 163
00186 Rome
+39 06 68135564

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September 4, 2019