Posters and art for the Biennale in Venice

The Esposizione internazionale d’arte di Venezia – universally known as the Venice Biennale – was born in 1895, after a few years of development, to promote the Venetian and Italian art market.

However, the event took on an international vibe since its very first edition.

In a matter of years, what is now the oldest and most prestigious event for contemporary art in the world was able to attract some of the most brilliant talents in Europe and overseas.

Edition after edition, the Venice Biennale exhibition space – in the Venice Gardens laid out by Napoleon in the Castello ‘sestriere’ – has grown with the number of nations included.

Let’s revisit part of this outstanding event’s history through a selection of wonderful advertisement posters.

Sesta Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1905, Ettore Tito

6th edition, 1905, Ettore Tito

Ottava Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1909, Adolfo De Carolis

8th edition, 1909, Adolfo De Carolis

Nona Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1910

9th edition, 1910

Tredicesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1922, Giulio Cisari

13th edition, 1922, Giulio Cisari

Sedicesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1928, Gustavo Rosso

16th edition, 1928, Gustavo Rosso

18th edition, 1932, Bramanti-Lenhart

Diciannovesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1934

19th edition, 1934

First International Theater Conference of the 19th edition, 1934, Giacinto Mondaini

First International Theater Conference of the 19th edition, 1934, Giacinto Mondaini

Ventesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1936, Giulio Cisari

20th edition, 1936, Giulio Cisari

21st edition, 1938, Giuseppe Riccobaldi

Ventiquattresima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1948, Gian Rossetti

24th edition, 1948, Rossetti Gian

Ventiquattresima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1948, S. Marzari

24th edition, 1948, S. Marzari

Venticinquesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1950

25th edition, 1950

Ventiseiesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1952, Erberto Carboni

26th edition, 1952, Erberto Carboni

Ventottesima Esposizione d'arte di Venezia, 1956, Luigi Veronesi

28th edition, 1956, Luigi Veronesi


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