Plinio Codognato and “Il Secolo XX”

Plinio Codognato,

Founded in 1902 by Milanese publishing house Fratelli Treves, “Il Secolo XX” – the self-described “popular illustrated magazine” – was a creative hotbed that over the years attracted some of the most important Italian illustrators, including Sacchetti, Mateldi, Dudovich, Bompard, Cambellotti, and Codognato.

The latter is the talented author behind the covers we selected for this gallery, dating back to 1913 and 1914. The masthead reads both “Secolo XX” and “Ars et Labor”: the result of a 1913 merger between Treves’s monthly and the illustrated periodical Giulio Ricordi had founded in Milan in 1906 – itself born out of the acquisition of another periodical, “Musica e Musicisti”, which had been founded in 1902. “Ars et labor. Musica e musicisti” was an extremely elegant publication with magnificent photographs, and had been directed by Ricordi until his death, in 1912.

December 22, 2015