Pignano Art Gallery: avant-garde sustainability

The Pignano Art Gallery, between Volterra and San Gimignano, is located in an old village from the High Middle Ages where Michael Moritz opened a country house, farm, agricultural estate and small spa in 2004. Now the owner of properties for some 3 million dollars, in the 1980s Moritz reported from the Silicon Valley for “Time” magazine, became a venture capitalist with Sequoia Capital and started investing in multi-million-dollar companies such as Linkedin, Google, Apple, Yahoo! and Dropbox.

In 2016, the Vitalità Cultural Association opened an exhibition space for contemporary art in a rural building of the British millionaire’s estate, to “develop” – in chairwoman Olga Niescier’s words – “original artistic projects in the name of sustainability, innovation and avant-garde art, while respecting history and tradition.”

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Pignano Art Gallery: avant-garde sustainability

Volterra (Pisa)
Località Pignano, 6
+39 0588 35032


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