Petra: wines that speak an ancient language

Cantina Petra, a Suvereto, in provincia di Livorno

Petra, a winery in Suvereto (Livorno), was designed by Mario Botta, whom Vittorio Moretti entrusted with envisioning an “out of fashion” place with a future for himself and his people.

The great Swiss architect started by observing the contrast between the geometric designs of the vineyards and the wavy orographic nature of the soil, then added his own streamlined design that highlights the measure, the beauty and the depth of the landscape.

Wines made by Petra, in Val di Cornia, have the soul of Tuscan Maremma and a spirit that speaks of the secrets of an ancient language.

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March 24, 2015

Petra: wines that speak an ancient language

Suvereto (Li)
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