Pentedattilo, legend and life

Pentedattilo sits inside a hand of rock, whose fingers are gigantic towers – hence the imaginative name of the village, from the Greek ‘penta’ and ‘daktylos’, meaning “five fingers”.

A legendary, bleeding hand that has held in its grip epics and novels, like the ones inspired by the so-called “massacre of the Albertis”: a tragedy of love, enmity, treason and murder that took place in this small Calabrese village in the end of the 17th century, leaving its echo in the local folk prophecy that someday the cliffs of Monte Calvario – the mountain on which Pentedattilo rises – will crumble on men to punish their wickedness.

After being completely abandoned in the 1960s, today Pentedattilo has come back to life: a: peaceful life built by volunteers from all of Europe, who since the 1980s have fixed streets and renovated houses, so that craftsmen could open their workshops, artists could perform for the “Paleariza” summer festival, and cinephiles could enjoy the “Pentedattilo Film Festival”, an international short film festival that is held every year between August and September.

It seems the mountain is finally holding out a friendly hand.

September 1, 2014

Pentedattilo, legend and life

Pentedattilo (Rc)
Frazione di Melito Porto Salvo (Rc)