Paper restorers Giovanna and Bianca

Bianca and Giovanna are paper restorers who work together with great care to bring old books back to their original beauty. Both originally from Turin, they met in Venice at a professional seminar, where they shared a Spritz and some thoughts during a break.

They live and work in a magical world made of ancient paper, taking care of any volume with profound respect for the unique object they restore to new use, enhancing its value again through structural improvements and color integration. Led by passion, they see each tome as a unique and extraordinary specimen from a different period in time, ranging from the 16th century to modern times.

They also often enjoy saving other paper and cardboard objects from the damages of use and wear, finding the best solution for each case. On top of repair and restoration they also offer original bindings, unique and custom objects, and hand-decorated paper made with old craftsmanship methods – from traditional and Japanese marbling (with suminagashi ink) to spatula and sponge techniques for glue paper. They work exclusively by hand, using the best materials for conservation.

Visit them in their workshop to help them “knead” cellulose pulp and use wooden frames to make original sheets of paper, scented with spices and coffee powder or made even more unique with the addition of wool thread, leaves, flowers and other natural elements.

Photos via: © Giuseppe Campanale


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