Pannini and Rome’s squares

Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore

"Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore"

One more article about Giovanni Paolo Pannini (Piacenza, 1691-Rome, 1765), the painter and set designer who created the beautiful “architectural capriccios” we have written about – both in general and with a focus on Rome’s Colosseum.

Now it’s time to spotlight Rome’s beautiful squares.

“A ‘square’ is a spacious place, surrounded by buildings, an ‘audience’, ‘area’, ‘campus’; a place where the market and public forums are held… Squares decorate and are useful to cities… Rome is one of the cities with the most spacious squares, and well-decorated with wonderful fountains, marvelous obelisks, and magnificent monuments and buildings” – this was the definition of such interesting open spaces given by Gaetano Moroni (Second Assistant of the Chamber to His Holiness Pius IX), in the “Dictionary of historical-eclesiastical learning” written in 1851.

An erudite entry that rings true looking at these images.

May 7, 2015