PalermoUno: “please touch and take me with you”

The PalermoUno gallery, located in Milan’s Brera district, is organized like a perfectly normal apartment by owner Sophie Wannenes, who is an interior decorator as well as a contemporary art expert. You can go from one room to the other – there are eight in total – and see how each one maintained its functionality yet showcases the best of international design. Perhaps you’ll feel at home, also thanks to the gallery’s “please touch and take me with you” motto.

Indeed, here everything is for sale – so feel free to look at, try on, experience and choose anything. It is a celebration of beauty: objects with completely different personalities coexist in harmony and balance, minimal next to baroque, gold next to neutral tones.

PalermoUno is a window on the world of art, design and antiques, where the constantly evolving landscape always has room for modern antiques or emerging designers. In November 2018, for example, the “Your design is welcome” call for ideas allowed artists and companies to submit a project under Sophie Wannenes’s artistic direction. The collective initiative redefined spaces through skillful use of color, which sculpted shapes and redefined the overall layout.

By Barbara Palladino


Via Palermo, 1
20121 Milan
+39 02 89753168

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May 14, 2019