Palazzo Viceconte in Matera

Matera Palazzo Viceconte

Palazzo Viceconte is a historical residence built in the 1500s at the very top of Matera: its terrace faces the river Gravina and Alta Murgia National Park.
Not to mention, of course, the city famous for its stone cave-houses, which author Carlo Levi once described as beautiful, picturesque, and impressive.

Today, Palazzo Viceconte is a luxury hotel with 14 large, refined bedrooms: a perfectly comfortable accommodation, with the added beauty of a large 18th-century court and outstanding antique furniture.

With a capacity of approximately three hundred people, it is also an ideal location for receptions and banquets – organized with the help of the hotel’s staff, and their great expertise.

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February 13, 2015

Palazzo Viceconte in Matera

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