Palazzo Scanderbeg: a historical residence at the heart of Rome

Palazzo Scanderbeg is located in the square of the same name, right at the heart of Rome, just a stone’s throw from the splendid Trevi Fountain. Amidst the city center’s alleys, this 15th-century residence is now a luxury hotel offering the ideal accommodation to visit the wonders of the Italian capital during the day, and return to the elegance of an extraordinary building in the evening.

Giorgio Castriota, known as Scanderbeg, was Prince of Albania and King of Epirus, a warlord and a diplomat, and lived here between 1465 and 1466. The front entrance features his portrait – which according to legend must be renovated, according to a specific clause in his will, by the heirs who acquire the palazzo.

The first renovation was in 1843, but later the building was renewed in order to maintain the original structure’s features and prestige while updating it to modern tourist hospitality standards.

Today, Palazzo Scanderbeg attracts a cosmopolitan clientele who enjoys the luxury of the highest level of service, and strives to make guests feel welcome in every way. During stays in any of the Master Suites, for example, a personal butler is at clients’ service to run errands or pack bags before leaving. The hotel also offers classic rooms – featuring precious floorings created with recovered “brioccole” (Venice’s typical wooden dolphin structures) – and deluxe rooms, finely furnished with pieces by great Made-in-Italy designers.

Finally, the hotel enjoys an exceptional location in one of the most evocative parts of Rome. In its immediate surroundings you’ll admire the Arch of the Dataria, built in 1860 to connect the Palazzo della Dataria to the Quirinal; but there is also the small Vicolo Scaderbeg, the first in Rome to have been given a foreigner’s name. Some say locals had such a hard time pronouncing it, they nicknamed it “Scannabecchi”.

Once again, the heart of the Eternal City merges tradition, history and legend with the unparalleled beauty of its streets and monuments. Globe-trotting, luxury-loving, comfort-seeking travelers can look forward to an unforgettable experience in this 15th-century historical residence, ready to welcome them in one of Rome’s most impressive and history-rich districts.

Author: Barbara Palladino
Translation by Michelle Nebiolo

Palazzo Scanderbeg

Piazza Scanderbeg, 117
00187 Rome
+39 06 89529001

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Palazzo Scanderbeg: a historical residence at the heart of Rome

Piazza Scanderbeg, 117
+39 06 8952 9001


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