Palazzo Collicola, the art is on the wall

Since 2000, Spoleto’s Palazzo Collicola has been home to the GCAM (Galleria civica d’arte moderna, Civic modern art gallery).

A permanent exhibition including numerous works by contemporary artists – such as Alexander Calder, Lynn Chadwick, Ettore Colla, Pietro Consagra, Nino Franchina, Henri Moore, Beverly Pepper e David Smith, Sol LeWitt, and Leoncillo Leonardi – takes up fifteen rooms on the ground floor of this aristocratic building, which was designed and built between 1717 and 1730, and has been property of the municipality since 1939.

The gallery is open to innovative figurative arts, and is exploring new ways to build collections, such as allowing works of mural art to become an integral part of the museum.

Here is a selection of such works.

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January 21, 2014

Palazzo Collicola, the art is on the wall

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