Ottorino Mancioli: on exhibit in Rome, this March

Mostra Ottorino Mancioli, Roma 8 marzo 2016

"Couple in Love", 1930

A selection of works by Ottorino Mancioli (Rome, 1908-1990) will be the focus of an exhibition held in Rome from March 8th to 21st, 2016, in the modern art gallery Fidia.

The show is titled “A Silent Dialog: Gazes in Ottorino Mancioli’s Works” (“Il dialogo silente: lo sguardo nelle opere di Ottorino Mancioli”), which effectively sums up how an interest in the human figure set apart this Roman artist, who was inspired by Cubism and Futurism, mostly known for his series of drawings on sports, and worked as a doctor and writer as well.

Costanza Savelloni has explained, “The varied and wisely-described humanity in these works goes beyond the carefree bourgeois life of the time, and ventures in the meanders of society analyzing its every facet, with insatiable curiosity and communication power.”

It is a humanity made of glimpses – as Savelloni expands – “into daily life, recorded exactly as they are; we should say into ‘his’ daily life, always on the move and never static, like his figures.”

“The inspiration for this exhibition emerged along these lines, namely to further investigate movement not in physical but in psychological terms, as can be seen in the eyes. Looks and gazes indeed contribute to setting figures in motion, to creating a subtle tension between them, to allowing them to communicate and to letting us imagine how they lived their lives.”

We are all invited.

March 4, 2016

Ottorino Mancioli: on exhibit in Rome, this March

Galleria Fidia Arte Moderna, via Angelo Brunetti, 49
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