Osteria del Castello, design and regional cuisine

Osteria del Castello, Corneliano Bertario, Milano

Osteria del Castello is located in a courtyard of Corneliano Bertario, a medieval village surrounded by the centuries-old forests of the Northern Adda Park, some twenty-five kilometers from Milan. It is part of a quiet corner of the world, immersed in nature, that is hard to believe can be so close to a metropolis.

Paolo Scaglione founded Osteria del Castello in 1997, with the goal of bringing out the flavors of Italian regional cuisine in the context of truly refined interiors.

Today, the restaurant is run by the founder’s three sons: Tobia is the manager, Leopoldo the sommelier and maitre d’, and Miki the chef. They continue writing the story of this special place by mixing respect for the past and original inspiration: their fresh experiments are always carried out in the framework of solid regional cuisine, with a special focus on ancient recipes from Piedmont, Lombardy and Tuscany.

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May 5, 2017

Osteria del Castello, design and regional cuisine

Corneliano Bertario, Truccazzano, Milan
Piazza Gallarati Scotti, 8
+39 02 9583063