Ortoalto Le Fonderie Ozanam: nature on the roof

Ortoalto Le Fonderie Ozanam

Futurist architect Nicolay Diulgheroff would never have imagined that some eighty years after the Simbi industrial plan he designed in 1938 was built, someone would add hanging gardens to its roof. The outstanding late-rationalist building – where electric hammers, cast metal objects and light alloy items were once made – is now home to “ortoalto Le Fonderie Ozanam”: 150 square meters of urban space devoted to growing 29 different vegetables.

The gardens are right above a cooking school and a restaurant of the same name (“Le Fonderie Ozanam”, managed by the Meeting Service cooperative), which create wholesome meals with natural ingredients, all sourced right “upstairs”.

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September 7, 2017

Ortoalto Le Fonderie Ozanam: nature on the roof

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