In 1876, Fabbrica Ombrelli Maglia moved to Milan. It was a new beginning for the company, founded in Pavia by Francesco Maglia a few years earlier. That year marked many other noteworthy beginnings: the first issue of one of Italy’s major daily newspapers, “Corriere della Sera”, was published; Jack London was born; Colorado became the thirty-eighth State to be admitted to the Union.

Journalist Dino Basili once stated, “whether it’s pouring or it’s only a few drops, sometimes an umbrella can get something started” – a quote that fits the story of Maglia perfectly.

The historical factory’s founder had started working with umbrellas in 1850, when he was an apprentice in a factory in Montichiari, in the province of Brescia.

Then, from town to town and from rain to rain, he reached the Lombard capital city where his company is headquartered to this day.

Maglia’s umbrellas have always been known for their fine natural wood – ash, rattan, bamboo, cherry, olive, hickory, hazel…– and the excellent craftsmanship, faithful to a classic style inspired by English tradition: “country”, “regimental”, “pin stripe”.

The Milanese brand won over the most refined shops in Britain and in the whole world.

Perhaps Gene Kelly was holding a Maglia umbrella as he sung, “What a glorious feeling, / And I’m happy again. / I’m laughing at clouds / So dark, up above.”

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