Nature and tradition at the Riva Wood Museum

R1920 stands for Riva 1920. Riva is the name of the family of woodworkers from Cantù (in the province of Como), whose business adventures began in those first decades of the 20th century.

The family’s success progressed slowly, growing like a tree that aims up at the sky while remaining anchored to the earth – on which it depends for life –, keeping the past always tangibly present in its being.

Love for nature and respect for tradition are the founding principles on which these artisans create their products.

They have invested and trust in the earth. In its depths they find inspiration for innovative ideas, such as their project with the rarest and oldest wood in the world, Swamp Kauri. Originally the wood of giant trees in New Zealand, which died because of natural disasters between thirty and fifty thousand years ago, Swamp Kauri is extracted from under the ground and brought back to life in the works of art of great architects and designers. It is a prodigious wood, kept under the mud for millennia, ready to be used as if the tree had just been cut down. The past is incredibly alive at the heart of our planet.

Love for nature has prompted this family of Lombard craftsmen to open the Wood Museum – with its magnificent larch wood exterior – to showcase over two thousand historic woodworking machines and utensils. The structure also includes a showroom, where the works of the artists involved in the R1920 are on display.

Here – just like in any tree – past, present and future visibly compose a single reality.

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December 23, 2013

Nature and tradition at the Riva Wood Museum

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