Music and vases by Fausto Melotti

Fausto Melotti, vasi - vases

In his ceramic sculptures, Fausto Melotti (Rovereto, 1901-Milan, 1986) defied the solidity and weight of matter, and strived to achieve the musical lightness that Italo Calvino, in describing his “Ephemerals”, summed up in the fitting metaphor, A musical score of ideograms, weightless.

Melotti’s vases are usually unserviceable sculptures, too light and thin to grasp or fill with flowers; they are fragile objects, as ephemeral as mayflies.

Music offers the best key to interpret these works, keeping in mind that Melotti once said, Art is an angelic, geometric mood. It addresses the mind, not the senses.

December 8, 2014